Remote Provisioning Sites in a Templated Way

The Microsoft SharePoint App Model has become available since the release of SharePoint 2013. There are many APIs made available to program on from a client via CSOM or REST to SharePoint. As a result, SharePoint development area has changed in many ways. Since 2015, a Patterns and Practices team (PnP team) has arisen from the SharePoint community, mainly people from the Microsoft product group. From this team many samples and solutions are distributed as Patterns and Practices to provisioning via the Client SharePoint APIs. This model makes it possible to create both in the cloud ( Office 365 ) and on-premise SharePoint components. Next to this the PnP team released a provisioning engine and a PnP Partner Pack. This session will give you insights into the possibilities of using the PnP engine and Power Pack. With real life project experiences, Robert will gain insights on how to get these components to work for you in your projects. Also some limitations and practices will be discussed and how to overcome these. Next to this, patterns to update existing sites in a controlled manner and the use of existing sites as a template will be handled.

Attending this session will give you a good understanding how to use the PnP engine and components from the PnP Partner Pack. With real life project experiences it shows how to get these components to work for you in your daily projects.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. Insights on how to provide site templating
  2. Real life project experiences
  3. Learn more about Cloud, on premise and hybrid
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