Resource Engagements – Resource Managers and Project Managers Working Together

Resource planning is an important part of project planning and implementation. Identifying resources with the right skills and availability to do the work requires intense cooperation between project managers and resource managers. Other names for resource managers are functional managers, line managers and team leaders. Resource managers lead groups of people with similar skills, and these people usually work on several projects at once. Project Online and Project Server have a number of tools to help manage resource capacity and demand. These tools have been updated in autumn 2015 by a strong feature in Project Online and is also available in Project Server 2016 is available. This new feature is called Resource Engagements and is an evolution of the old Resource Plan feature in PWA. This tool enables project and resource managers to negotiate the use of resources at the project level and implement their agreement in the project.

Benefits for Attending this Session:

  1. Use Resource Engagements as project manager
  2. Use Resource Engagements as resource manager
  3. Set up Resource Engagements as resource manager or administrator for specific resources




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