Teams Shared Channels under the hood

Microsoft Teams Shared Channels was introduced early second half of 2022. This added a new type of channel next to the ‘standard channel’ and ‘private channel’ called a ‘shared channel’. Making it easier to collaborate with those inside and outside your organization, helping your extended team work effectively and efficiently across organization boundaries.

Using the shared channels across organizations requires more advanced configuration in the Azure AD External Identities area. Especially because external collaboration in shared channels is powered by B2B direct connect. External collaboration is off by default and can be turned on to support shared channels and more. Azure AD admins manage B2B direct connect using cross-tenant access settings policies in the Azure Portal.

Lets take a look under the hood of Teams Shared Channels!

This session starts by explaining the concept of Azure AD B2B collaboration, B2B direct connect as a foundational piece when using Teams Shared Channels. Moves forward to showing hands-on configuration of all moving parts and finishes with how to work together in Teams Shared Channels across organizations.

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