The future is APIs, and here is how you can benefit from it

We have been developing applications that serve a single purpose for a long time. For a couple of years, this has been changing. Enterprises are adopting quickly the new trend of going API first, but are you ready for it? Sure, you might know you have been using APIs for many years. Probably you use them every day, but why should you think API first? Is it the same as the previous trend called mobile-first?

In this session, Elio will walk you through this fundamental change in building applications these days. We start with a brief overview of what APIs can mean for you and your applications to consume them. Are you a developer, maker, or decision-maker? Then this session is something for you, as this will change how you start your next project(s).

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  • Changes on application landscape
  • API understanding
  • Collaboration
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