Transforming SharePoint Online Classic Solutions to the “Modern” Experience

If you’re planning to build a new SharePoint Online solution, or if you already have a classic solution deployed at customers’ site or that you sell through the Office Store, it’s better to use the modern UI and the client-side development model.

This session will teach you how to transform your existing solutions to the new modern UI and how to create fresh new solutions with Microsoft SharePoint Framework instead of the SharePoint Add-in model.

You will learn how to use Microsoft Entra ID registered applications instead of Azure Access Control Services apps, leveraging the Resource Specific Consent authorization model for SharePoint Online.

You will also learn how to replace provider-hosted applications with Entra ID registered applications and how to replace SharePoint hosted apps with client-side applications.

You will see how to use the SharePoint REST, Microsoft Graph, and the PnP libraries instead of the SharePoint Client Side Object Model (CSOM), how to use PnPjs instead of the SharePoint JavaScript Object Model, and how to leverage custom List Formatting instead of XSLT rendering.

Last but not least, you will learn how to replace SharePoint Add-in model workflow applications with Power Automate flows.

By the end of this dense session, you will have mastered the new modern development model for SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365.

This session is aimed at developers who want to understand how to upgrade their skills toward the modern and client-side development model of SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365.

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