Under the Hood of the SharePoint PnP Provisioning Service

The SharePoint PnP Provisioning Service is a new cloud-based tool introduced by the SharePoint PnP community to fully automate the provisioning of sites and templates, in order to create “on the fly” sample solutions for customers’ demos, as well as real enterprise-level solutions. 

In this session, the speaker, who defined the architecture of the SharePoint PnP Provisioning Service and developed the solution, will explain to you how it works under the hood and what are the architectural pillars that drove the solution development. 

You will see what the Microsoft Azure services involved are, what the security architecture under the cover is, and what makes the solution highly scalable and available. 

The target audience for this session are developers with a good knowledge of SharePoint PnP, Microsoft .NET, and Microsoft Azure. 

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. Understand the architecture of the PnP Provisioning Service 
  2. Learn about the security infrastructure under the cover of the PnP Provisioning Service 
  3. Learn how to leverage the same architecture for you own custom solutions 
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