Understanding Office 365 Authentication and Federation

When you move to Microsoft Office 365, you have the option to configure users’ authentication in three different flavours: Cloud Identity, Directory & Password Synchronisation, or Federated Identity. In this session, you learn about these three options, you understand how to configure them and you focus on federating your Active Directory domain with Microsoft Office 365. Moreover, you see how to deploy a highly available federation scenario, leveraging Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), Windows Azure VMs and Windows Azure Active Directory. Throughout the session, you see how to provide a Single Sign-On experience to your end users either using SharePoint Online, Yammer, or any other services provided by Microsoft Office 365.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Understand the users’ authentication flavours in Office 365
  2. Learn how to provision ADFS and to federate it with Office 365
  3. Learn how to provide single sign-on capabilities in Office 365




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