Viva Connections & Viva Engage: a Match Made in Heaven?

Intranets have been around for a long time. While news might be consumed on a regular basis, getting end users to actually engage with the content is something many companies can only wish for. Viva Connection combined with Viva Engage is a game changer, but careful planning is the key to ultimate user engagement.

Antje Lamartine has been leading the Change Management effort in a client project, in which the existing intranet has been migrated to M365 and Viva Engage was added into the mix: over 21,000 users, across 100 production sites, in more than 30 countries.

Join this session to learn about this company’s approach to fostering a culture of belonging and building connections across the organization, specifically among first line workers. Hear about the project’s challenges and how they were overcome. Walk away with best practice guidance on how to plan and implement Viva Engage, from a technical, content, and change management perspective.

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