European SharePoint Office 365 & Azure Conference Hackathon and Solution Showcase 2017


Itching to build the next great SharePoint solution? Looking to get that project off the ground? Come participate in our third annual European SharePoint Office 365 & Azure Conference Hackathon on Tuesday, November 14th. Brainstorm with your colleagues, form a team (or go it alone!), and build the best SharePoint solution during the conference. Work alongside developers from across the SharePoint community to build great solutions! There is no better time to get started on that project you’ve been looking to build: we’ll have experts from across the SharePoint and Azure landscape on-hand to help you through any hurdles and challenges.
We’ll feature prizes for the coveted “Best Hack” award, including Xbox Ones for the winning team (plus, of course, the immense prestige of being the best SharePoint hacker!) Even if you’re not building a hack, please visit our Hackathon Solution Showcase Session on Wednesday to see the award winners, and learn from what worked and what didn’t work as they built their solution.Eligibility:  Team participants must be attending ESPC, and the solution must have been built starting from November 11th, 2017 through to November 15th. Entries must be submitted accompanied by a short demo video by Wednesday, November 15th.  In order to win, at least one team member must present their demo at the SharePoint Hackathon Solution Showcase session on Wednesday.
Read more about the rules, prizes, and how to submit your videos.

2017 Agenda     

Before the Hackathon

Get ready to code!  Make sure your laptops and accounts are ready, including installing all of the pre-requisites for SharePoint Framework development on your machine, and having an Office 365 Developer tenancy ready.  Read the latest information on developing for SharePoint.

Also, bring your ideas for a great hackathon project – something you’ve been meaning to build, or an idea you’re like to explore – to see if you can build a team around.

Saturday, November 11th, 12:00

Get started. As your time permits, get started building and working on your application.  You can scout and work with other members from the community via our Hackathon site, and start building out your solution.   Write code on the flight to Dublin!

Tuesday, November 14th, 17:00

The main event of our Hackathon.  We’ll review the landscape of things that can be built on SharePoint and Office, and share some tips on having a great hackathon.  We’ll do scrum-style standups to review progress, and code together.

17:00 – We’ll get started with dinner and a brief overview of the Office SharePoint Developer landscape

18:00 – Teams pitch and review progress. Mingle with team leaders, meet new people, and join a team of coders.

18:15 – Keep – or start coding!  Build out your application.  We’ll keep your team well stocked with energy food and drink to help you build out your great ideas well into the early morning hours.

Wednesday, November 15th, 14:00.  Hackathon Entries close.  Submit a description and video of what you and your team have built.  Our expert panel of judges will review and take it from there.

Wednesday, November 15th, 16:45. Awards and Demo Session (W20). Come ready to demo your solution in our Demos and Awards session!  We’ll review what worked — and what didn’t work — for our various teams that created a demo.

Entrants must be conference ticket holders.

Places will be chosen at random and are limited in numbers. Entrants will be notified by email in advance of the conference.

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