What is Microsoft Fabric?

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What is Microsoft Fabric?

What is Microsoft Fabric

Webinar Description: In this webinar, we will give an overview of what Microsoft Fabric is and which capabilities that comes out of the box. In short Fabric is the modern data platform in the era of AI and we will cover these 4 topics

Complete analytics platform

    1. Complete analytics platform
    2. Lake-centric and open
    3. Empower every business user
    4. AI-powered

Benefits of attending the webinar:

  • Get an understanding of what Microsoft Fabric is and what is needed to get started

Speaker Bio: Lars has a passion to help organizations getting insights out of data. Joined Microsoft in 2014 and has been working with BI solutions since 1999.

Experience: Level 100-200

Audience: Everyone who is or want to work with data



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