How to Integrate Microsoft Teams with SharePoint

Microsoft Teams is one of the most powerful chat-based collaboration tools delivered to enterprise organizations. Thanks to close integration with applications which are part of Office 365 Suite you can achieve more.

SharePoint could be used to extend the way how your team works in Microsoft Teams.

How coexistence of SharePoint and Teams works

Microsoft Teams are very strongly connected with SharePoint. Every Team created in Microsoft Teams have automatically created SharePoint modern Team Site behind it. Thanks to it all documents uploaded to Teams are automatically stored in SharePoint document library.  You don’t have to care about it. Application prepared to support the collaboration of both tools.

Create Team for the existing SharePoint site

You can create a dedicated Team in Microsoft Team for the existing modern SharePoint Team site. The site needs to be Private to have Microsoft Office 365 Group assigned to it. On such site, you will be able to find Microsoft Teams icon on the bottom left corner.

Choose to Create a Team (1) button to create the Team assigned to the current SharePoint site. You will be automatically navigated to Microsoft Teams where you can start collaboration.

On your SharePoint site navigation, you will be able to see new link.

Please remember that this operation is irreparable and bothe systems with be strongly integrated. For instance deletion of the Team in Microsoft Teams will be connected with deletion of SharePoint site.

Integrate Teams with SharePoint

There are a few ways how you can integrate your Team application with SharePoint site.

If you looking for the address of your SharePoint site you can always find it in Channel options (1) in section Open in SharePoint (2).

Publish SharePoint page in Microsoft Teams

To include SharePoint page into Teams Tab choose + button.

In Add a tab windows choose SharePoint tile.

In next window choose Pages (1) and one of the pages available (2) on SharePoint site. Optionally you can decide to publish information on Conversation channel (3). To publish choose Save (4).

The read-only version of the page will be included as a dedicated tab.

Publish SharePoint list in Microsoft Teams

It is also possible to add SharePoint list to Teams by choosing + button.

In Add a tab section choose SharePoint tile.

In next screen choose Lists (1) and one of the lists available on the SharePoint site (2). Optionally you can decide to publish information on Conversation channel (3). To publish choose Save (4).

Finaly system give you fully functional list will be included as a dedicated tab.

You can edit a register new records in the embedded list.

Publish SharePoint library in Microsoft Teams

It is also possible to add SharePoint list to Teams by choosing + button.

In Add a tab section choose Document Library SharePoint tile.

In the next screen, you can choose between Relevant sites (1) and the direct link to SharePoint site and choose Next (3).

Then, on the following screen you need to choose one of the document libraries available (1) on the SharePoint site and choose Next(2).

In next step, you can set the Tab name (1) and publish library by Save (2) button.

In conclution, you get fully functional document library will be included as a dedicated tab.


Are pages, lists and libraries copied to Teams?

No. These elements are embedded in Teams. All these components are still hosted in SharePoint.

What are the limitation of using lists and libraries Teams?

Lists and libraries are fully functional in Teams

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Bochniak, S. (2019). How to integrate Microsoft Teams with SharePoint. Available at: [Accessed: 20th November 2020].

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