Make every Meeting a Microsoft Teams Meeting

We’ve all done it. . Why didn’t it have the Teams information in the body of the email and I will have to send it out again. Oh yea. You forgot to click the button that said “Make this a Teams Meeting”

So now here is a little trick to make sure that this doesn’t happen again when you schedule a meeting. Let’s just make every meeting I schedule automatically have the Teams meeting info even if I don’t use it. Yes its possible and its really easy and is a very good trick for those rolling out Microsoft Teams Rooms to their employees who might forget at times.

First go the upper left hand side where the File button is on your Outlook client.

Now on the bottom left you will find the Options choice which you should click as shown below highlighted in red.

Now in the dialog box that popped up, go to the calendar option and then make sure the box that says Add online meetings to all meetings is checked.

Now when you go ahead and make a calendar invite, the Teams meeting information is automatically populated.

This helps customers who are using Microsoft Teams Rooms to always have that join button on all of their meetings and is such a short cut to some of the non-technical people in an organization to make sure they are ready for teams rooms.

If you wanted to do this organization wide, then you can script this using the following PowerShell commands:

Set-OrganizationConfig -OnlineMeetingsByDefaultEnabled $True
Set-OrganizationConfig -OnlineMeetingsByDefaultEnabled $False

Short form instructions for the Outlook client:

2. Options
3. Click Add online meetings to all meetings.

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With over 20 years of experience in AV and IT roles for a well diverse combination of employers, I have a specialty in devices and solutions for meeting spaces.


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