Microsoft Teams Chat now has a LinkedIn Tab

Microsoft has added a new feature to Teams chat that lets you view a person’s LinkedIn profile directly in Teams. When you open a chat history with someone, you can click on a LinkedIn tab, find that person and connect with them. This is only available for people inside your organisation, but it will soon be updated for all contacts inside and outside your organisation.

If you don’t want your LinkedIn profile to others via Teams, you can turn off the LinkedIn and Microsoft connection from your LinkedIn profile under Settings and Privacy. You can also decide how private your profile is to others from LinkedIn privacy settings.

I can see how this would be useful; for new employees to get skill and bio information from colleagues, an easy way to see someone’s content and links, or to grow your LinkedIn connections without needing to leave Teams. I haven’t used the LinkedIn tab much, but I have clicked on it when someone new has started at my organisation. It will become more valuable for me when I can connect to people outside my organisation, like Microsoft contacts or customers.

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Hi! I’m Kat Greenan, a Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Solutions Specialist. I currently live in Cardiff but originate from Edinburgh, Scotland. I started my career as a Customer Success Manager at a Microsoft Partner, Core Technology Systems. I then moved into a Microsoft Solutions role and now spend my day working with businesses around the UK, helping them plan and deploy Microsoft 365.
I was recently awarded the Microsoft Office 365 MVP award and am pleased to be part of such a great community of tech experts.


Greenan, K. (2022). Available at: [Accessed: 7th September 2022].

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