Power Automate Flow API Updates – 16 Takeaways

The following are my 16 takeaways from the updated docs article – Request limits and allocations. You may also want to refer to the latest release (November 2021) Power Apps and Power Automate Licensing Guide

1. API calls have been renamed to Power Platform requests.

2. You may have to acquire add-on licenses as a ‘good faith’ action prior to requesting a throttling waiver from support. 11/11/2021 update: This has been confirmed, no more free rides, you must have an add-on purchased to get a waiver.

3. Non-interactive user account has been upgraded from 100,000 to 500,000 base requests plus 5,000 requests per USL up to 10,000,000. Note: full $$ licenses only, Power Apps per App licenses don’t count.

4. Power Apps per App users get 6,000 requests per 24 hours.

5. Overall limits have gone up for embedded or purchased plans.

Power Automate Flow API Updates – 16 Takeaways

6. The Transition period is coming to a close. Full reporting is expected to be released in the first calendar quarter 2021. Six months after that strict enforcement will be in place. This gives you 6 months to analyze and plan a course of action.

7.  Daily limits will continue during that 6-month period, but with the current/previous ‘relaxed’ overages.

8. Pricing for the add-on pack has improved per request/pricing – $50/month for additional 50K requests.

9.  There has been no change in the service protection limits.

10. Changing the Creator/owner still isn’t possible programmatically. For non-solution flows the only way to do it is to export and then import the flow as the ‘correct’ user. Can’t be done with a non-interactive account though. “It is at the top of our backlog”. 11/11/2021 Update: The docs do say that this can be done via the Web API for a flow in a solution. I haven’t confirmed this myself. However, even if correct, you can’t make a non-interactive account the creator/owner.

11. During the transition period a child’s flow owner is used for the request tracking. After the transition period the parent flow creator/owner will be referenced for power platform request limits.

12. Microsoft is recommending that the per flow plan provides the best performance quota at 250K actions/day/flow.

13. They have re-iterated that updating a flow resets the counter for the 14 consecutive day tracking. This is a great way to avoid getting your flow turned off for over use.

14. If the flow has been turned off because of the 14 days, just update or buy a license and turn it back on.

15. Users that are the creator/owner of a flow with an Enterprise plan license get a 100K limit during the transition period and then drops to 40K after the transition plan.

16. Flow limits seem to be still being tracked at the flow level and not the user level. It’s unknown when this will be implemented ‘correctly’.

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