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Hybrid Dilemma: Dividing content between Azure, O365 & SP2016

Hybrid SharePoint: Hybrid Dilemma: Dividing Content Between Azure, O365 & SP2016 Speaker: Adam Levithan, Director Product Management, Metalogix, USA With SP2016, IT Pros face the question – Where does my content belong, Azure, O365, or on-premises? We will examine a real-life scenario where an organization divided content across O365/SP2013 workloads, and how SP2016’s search, profile,… READ MORE

Whitepaper - A Governance Guide for Hybrid SharePoint Migrations
Whitepaper – A Governance Guide for Hybrid SharePoint Migrations
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Effectively managing enterprise content is a growing challenge for organizations today. Cloud-based computing
represents a powerful new option, offering increased flexibility, efficiency, and reduced cost for IT infrastructure, data
storage, and applications. However, for a variety of business and technical reasons, most organizations will take a
phased approach to adopting cloud-based services, which will require them to continue to maintain their on-premises
SharePoint environments during the transition.