Hybrid Dilemma: Dividing content between Azure, O365 & SP2016

Hybrid SharePoint: Hybrid Dilemma: Dividing Content Between Azure, O365 & SP2016

Speaker: Adam Levithan, Director Product Management, Metalogix, USA

  • With SP2016, IT Pros face the question – Where does my content belong, Azure, O365, or on-premises?
  • We will examine a real-life scenario where an organization divided content across O365/SP2013 workloads, and how SP2016’s search, profile, and team sites could be used.
  • To conclude, from business stakeholders, power users, to IT Pros, this session will examine key considerations and technology that apply to setting up a hybrid Azure, SP2016/O365 environment.

Hybrid Dilemma- Key benefits of attending your webinar?

  •  Overview of Hybrid SharePoint 2016 Features
  • Understanding what hybrid choices are available in 2016 (the year)
  •  Learn a practical approach to dividing content


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