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SharePoint 2010 Adoption Planning #EuropeanSP by Christian Buckley
SharePoint 2010 Adoption Planning #EuropeanSP by Christian Buckley
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At the European SharePoint Conference currently being held at the Estrel Convention Center in Berlin, Germany, I attended Matt Berg’s presentation entitled “Drive Adoption and Get Users Excited about SharePoint 2010.” For those who are not familiar with Matt, he is a Senior Product Marketing Manager on the Microsoft SharePoint team in Redmond, WA, and was one of the primary forces behind the SharePoint Conference held in Anaheim, CA earlier this month. In his role, he has a well-placed view into customers deploying SharePoint and partners augmenting their solutions, and I wanted to hear his perspective on one of the most important aspects of a successful SharePoint deployment: end-user adoption.

3 Execution Strategies
Matt’s (@bergasonic) message was fairly simple; however, the difficulty is often in the execution. His strategy consisted of three main points: