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Low-Code vs. No-Code: What's the Difference?
Low-Code vs. No-Code: What’s the Difference?
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The low-code and no-code development are the terms we are hearing nowadays very frequently across the global IT sector. Despite apparent similarities, low-code and no-code are essentially two quite different approaches to developing apps.  Having said that, a few low-code development platforms also include no-code features. A number of low-code results are integrated into other systems… READ MORE

Enable Everyone to Innovate with Low-Code
Enable Everyone to Innovate with Low-Code

Low-code tools like the Microsoft Power Platform enable every person in every role – from business users, IT professionals, citizen developer and professional developers – to collaborate on solutions and accelerate innovation across the organization.

In this webinar we will look at what it is, why it is relevant, and why every organization should establish a low code strategy with fusion team development.

Watch this webinar recording where Sofie Borck Janeheim takes you through how you can innovate using Microsoft Power Platform low-code developer tools.