Enable Everyone to Innovate with Low-Code

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Enable Everyone to Innovate with Low-Code

Enable Everyone to Innovate with Low-Code

Low-code tools like Microsoft Power Platform enable every person in every role to collaborate on solutions and innovate across organizations. Low-code can be useful across different roles from business users to IT professionals to citizen developers and finally, professional developers. Microsoft Power Platform is the most complete low-code platform out there and is suitable for anyone to use, not just developers!

Webinar speaker Sofie Borck Janeheim believes we should not be teaching everyone to code. Instead, we should turn everyone into a developer with low-code. In this webinar, Sofie discusses:

  • Development challenges and the causes of these challenges.
  • All 5 tools in Power Platform. Starting with Power BI, the most used self-service BI tool in the world, and ending with the newest Power Platform addition, Power Pages.
  • Why low-code and pro-code are built to work together and create an integrated experience.
  • What Microsoft Power Platform is, why it is relevant, and why organizations should establish a low-code strategy with fusion team development.
  • Fusion teams, creating fusion development, and lastly, the fusion team maturity model.

In addition, Sofie also discusses what it would look like when a fusion team collaborates on building the flagship app. First, Sofie discusses the steps involved in doing so. Then, she discusses who is doing what in the process of building the flagship app. Lastly, Sofie finishes by explaining how low-code is a team sport because it needs both pro developers and citizen developers to deliver the flagship app successfully!

Watch this webinar recording where Sofie takes you through how you can innovate using Microsoft Power Platform low-code developer tools.

Sofie’s webinar slides are available to view here.

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