Introducing Power Pages

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Introducing Power Pages

Introducing Power Pages – Nick Doelman, Microsoft, Canada

Power Pages provides new maker experiences to the established foundation of Power Apps portals to build powerful business websites. Whether you have worked with portals before or are a brand new website maker, this session has something for you! Join Nick for this full webinar recording ‘Introducing Power Pages’.

About the Session ‘Introducing Power Pages’

Nick talks about a fascinating array of topics in this webinar from Power Platform Week! First, he talks about Power Pages. He shows us what Power Pages is by demoing how to build a simple portal app. His demo involves the provision of the site, looking at some of the tools required, designing, building, and styling web pages. Additionally, the demo includes how the page can interact with data, security in power pages, and how to allow users to view their data.

Nick also deep dives into some of your burning questions about Power Pages. He touches on questions such as – What are Power Pages? Is this a brand new product? What is it all about? Is it the same as Power Apps portals? What does Power Pages allow you to do at the end of the day? Nick answers these questions and more in this session on Power Pages.

Besides that, Nick shows you how to use some of the new tools that weren’t necessarily in Power Apps portals. Some of these apps include Portals Management App and VS Code + Power Platform CLI. Nick also takes you through a demo in which he shows how to rebuild a site using Power Pages. His demo shows how the site can be created using low-code/no-code techniques.

Watch this full webinar recording where you will learn how to quickly provision a new Power Pages site, match it to your corporate branding, and quickly surface data from Microsoft Dataverse securely. And, you can learn how to do all of this without leaving the new design studio interface!

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