5 Features for Admins to Enable Better User Adoption in Model-Driven Apps

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5 Features for Admins to Enable Better User Adoption in Model-Driven Apps

5 Features for Admins to Enable Better User Adoption in Model-Driven Apps

Watch this webinar recording on 5 features for admins to enable better user adoption in model-driven Power Apps. Join Vivian Voss, MVP, Avanade, Denmark, as she goes through 5 features for model-driven apps that have helped a better user adoption in her recent projects.

After multiple successful and not so successful implementations of different model-driven apps, there started to form patterns. Patterns of tasks / features implemented in the successful projects, that were missing in the other ones.

In this webinar, Vivian will explain about the different features and areas, show you what you can do to implement them and in the end also give you some resources to make sure your users are even happier to use the new app.

We will be looking into the Power Platform Admin and Maker Portal and also the functionality in a model-driven app from both the user and admin perspective.

After attending this session you will have more features / tools in your toolbox for better user adoption for model-driven apps.

What will you learn from watching 5 Features for Admins to Enable Better User Adoption in Model-Driven Apps?

Vivian talks us through the story of model-driven apps. What does this entail? Here are some of the things Vivian discusses in this webinar:

  • What are model-driven apps? Vivian explains what model-driven apps are and how they are used.
  • Another key point she discusses is the common problems experienced with model driven apps. That is, trying to figure out how to get users to see the value in the system, and to see that the system is helping them and not just using it as a database.
  • Another problem Vivian mentions is that sometimes requests cannot be identified by tech, but that is process driven. This means you have to look deeper into other things, for example, sales processes, adoption process, governance etc.

Vivian has found that there are 5 features available in the Admin Centre that enable admins to allow better user adoption. The 5 features are:

  1. Extensive search capabilities – Dataverse Search
  2. Managing views
  3. Editing columns and filters
  4. Help panes
  5. Collaboration

Firstly, Vivian talks about each of these 5 features in theoretical basis. Then, she shows a demo on how each feature works within a newly created model-driven app. Finally, she explains how users can benefit from each and every one of these features.

DEMO: 5 Features for Admins to Enable Better User Adoption in a Model-Driven App

In this demo, Vivian shows how to access the features in the Power Platform Admin Centre. Firstly, she starts with all the levels of the dataverse search that you can turn on. Then, she shows the features for controlling and managing views. After that, she goes through the help features and help panes. Following that, she then shows the model driven app that she created for the purpose of this demo.

In the model driven view you can see the datasearch she discussed earlier. She shows how you can use the dataverse search, how it works, the search results it shows and how it is useful. She then shows the filters on the right hand side and explains how they work. After that, she talks about the different views, specifically the focused view. She shows how you can manage, share and edit views. Vivian then goes through the filters and columns feature and how they work in a model driven app. In the same way, she talks through the help panes. She demonstrates how they work and what you can do with them.

With that said, you can help your users by learning what your users want and need. As well as that, knowing what they want, keeping it simple and fast, and improving the tech will also enable better user adoption.


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