Benjamin Niaulin, Microsoft Regional Director, MVP, MCT

Benjamin Niaulin is an Office Servers and Services MVP and Microsoft Regional Director, recognised as one of the Top SharePoint and Office 365 influencers. Being a Microsoft Certified Trainer since 2008 has allowed him to become proficient in simplifying complex technologies, making him an expert in SharePoint and Office 365 vulgarisation. 

Thanks to his expertise and passion in the field, he can easily talk to you for hours and still find something new to say! This has allowed him to speak at over 200 conferences around the world. Works for ShareGate, building products for Office 365 & Azure and is based in Montreal. Every day he follows the latest trends with the team of passionate in order to craft the best possible tool for ShareGate’s customers. 

Read Benjamin’s ESPC19 sessions: Deploying Microsoft Teams and Staying in Control , Adopting Hub Sites and a New Way of Organizing SharePoint in Office 365 and Protect Your Work and Empower People to Collaborate Securely in Office 365

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