Martin Lingstuyl, MVP

Although I haven’t always worked in IT, I have always been interested in technology and coding. Around 2014 I moved to the Microsoft 365 space and have been very inspired by the things I get to do since. I am a Microsoft MVP in the Microsoft 365 Development category. I’m also a Microsoft 365 architect at I4-YOU Business Solutions b.v., where I like to take on a broad scope of subjects relating to Microsoft 365 and Azure. You could find me talking to customers and designing solutions, writing PnP scripts, working with Azure Resources, doing some public speaking, creating Power Platform solutions, SharePoint Framework Solutions or doing regular backend work with .NET. It all has my interest.

At home, you might find me giving the necessary attention to my two lovely kids and my wife. If any time is left over I’ll probably be reading a good book, doing some biking, supping or surfing or some such. I also like to share my learnings using blogs and contribute back to the community in all kinds of ways. Because sharing is caring!

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