Archive360 delivers the leading Azure-native information management and archiving platform. Businesses and government agencies worldwide leverage our digital transformation expertise.  They trust us to reduce the costs and risks of meeting legal, regulatory, and BI requirements:

  • Migrate legacy data to Microsoft 365
  • Retire legacy applications (including legacy databases) and securely archive and manage the data
  • Compliantly archive data generated by Microsoft 365 (including email, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive data), as well as data from other collaboration platform (i.e. Slack, Zoom), and messaging platforms
  • Compliantly archive data and records from enterprise applications, file servers and report servers
  • Reduce the costs of SharePoint storage by up to 70%, without impacting user experience

Thanks to Archive360’s security by design and default architecture, customers maintain complete control over data storage, processing, security, entitlements, disposition, and compliance. More than 2000 organizations worldwide trust Archive360 to leverage the scalability, flexibility, and cost advantages of retaining, managing and gaining value from their data in the cloud. As a Global Co-Sell Prioritized ISV, Archive360 is proud to be the only vendor in our category trusted by Microsoft to help customers with their digital transformation and adoption of the Azure cloud.


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