Involv Intranet

Build SharePoint intranets, faster and easier.

Involv is a Microsoft 365 intranet solution dedicated to make your job and your customers’ lives easier. Our team has spent years perfecting every component of our ready-to-go – but highly customizable – intranet solution.

Involv makes SharePoint Intranets easier to deploy, customize and use.

✔ Built on top of SharePoint, living 100% in the Microsoft 365 environment

✔ A modular solution that is highly customisable by you as an IT partner

✔ Won the Clearbox “Best Choice” Award 2022

✔ Easy to deploy, configure and use

Involv helps organisations enhance communication and boost productivity with the most user-friendly and secure intranet on the market and a proven methodology. With over 15 years of experience and work with over 100 organizations, we’ve honed our internal communication skills to bring them the best practices in the industry – and we’re happy to share those with our partners.

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