OnePlace Solutions

Our goal is to enable people in business to do more, simply.

We provide seamless integration from Microsoft Outlook with Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.  Easily move content from Microsoft Outlook to a Microsoft Teams channel or save an email and its attachments to Microsoft SharePoint, enhancing productivity & making it easy to capture data from any Outlook supported device.

We drive end-user adoption by making it easy for you and your team to save, classify and access emails, attachments and documents in SharePoint. Offering you a consistent experience across devices you use every day: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Outlook on the web – enabling you to remain productive anywhere.

Our easy to use technology brings SharePoint into the familiar places you work: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat (PDF’s), meaning you don’t have to leave these environments to get your work done. Our solutions improve collaboration and productivity, and are available on-prem, Office 365 and hybrid.

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