Coordinating and arranging meetings, whether with internal or external people, can be both time-consuming and stressful and is not how you ideally want to spend your time. While OnTime group calendar can’t eliminate the need for coordination entirely, it can certainly make the process easier and more efficient.


With OnTime’s many features, you can Effortlessly oversee your teams’ schedules, find the perfect time to meet, manage vacation plans, and even poll for an available time across multiple organisations or businesses.

Team’s users have long requested for a group calendar within Teams to offer a comprehensive view of not just their own, but also their colleagues’ schedules. However, as it is, this is simply not possible in Teams.

This is where OnTime Group Calendar comes in. OnTime is a fully integrated group calendar for MS Teams. It can be conveniently added to the sidebar, giving you a big overview of all your colleagues’ schedules, or integrated into any of your Team’s channels within moments.

You can engage with your team directly through the calendar, allowing you to utilise Teams as your singular collaborative platform and eliminating the need to juggle between Teams and your Outlook calendar.

Read more about OnTime Group Calendar: https://ontimesuite.com/en/


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