Rencore is the leading provider of software protecting organizations against customization risks in SharePoint and Office 365.
Their proven suite of products detects and resolves potential security issues and compliance risks caused by custom coded solutions, third party components, and citizen developers. Rencore’s customers are able to comply with regulations more easily, optimize usage of their SharePoint infrastructure, significantly reduce technical debt, and pass audits faster and with less effort.
Rencore’s de-facto standard tools are addressing four key areas:

  • Quality Assurance: assisting organizations in establishing highest quality and full compliance throughout their customization process
  • Risk Prevention: guiding IT-departments with preventing customizations from affecting the security, maintainability, and performance of platforms, data, and processes
  • Transformation: helping organizations to assess, modernize and migrate their SharePoint functionalities to modern platforms and the cloud
  • Governance: helping IT-departments to take back control by closely governing citizen developers on premises and in cloud environments

Rencore’s leading edge software is trusted by more than 500 organizations worldwide and is used by Microsoft among other major enterprises.

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