Digital Transformation and the Monolith

Migrating applications from on-premises, traditional corporate datacenters to cloud-based service providers is a topic that has been, and continues to be, hotly debated and widely sought after in all areas of modern business.  There is no silver bullet to solve all challenges.  Common patterns and practices can help demystify some areas but lend complexity to others that may not have been complex before.  Taking the first step toward modernising a platform can be scary.

Download Josh Gaverick’s eBook ‘Digital Transformation and the Monolith’ now and get some guidelines – a checklist of sorts – to help structure your approach when attempting to move an application modernisation effort forward.

Topics include:

  • Intended Audience
  • Baseline – Current State
  • Domain (and Subdomain) Architectures
  • Dependency Graph Verification
  • Data Flows and Classifications
  • Component and Platform Technologies
  • Security, Governance, and Compliance
  • Development Processes and Methodologies
  • Modernising Development Pipelines

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