Azure Arc for Servers: The Future of On-Premises Configuration Management

As hybrid and multi-cloud environments are the future for most of the enterprises, central management and governance are becoming the real challenge. Every organization would like to have a single, scalable management pane for their servers regardless of where they are deployed. Azure Arc for servers allows you to manage machines which are outside of Azure. When a non-Azure machine is connected to Azure, it is treated as a resource in Azure. You can assign Azure policies to connected machines, manage and track compliance using the same experience as with your Azure virtual machines.

Join me to learn how to onboard non-Azure Windows and Linux machines to Azure Arc, and how to assign Azure Policy’s Guest Configuration to them using the built-in and custom configurations.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Learn how to onboard on-premises machines to Azure Arc at scale
  2. Learn how to assign Guest Configuration to the connected machines
  3. Learn about the inner workings of Azure Arc for servers so that you can troubleshoot it
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