Boost your Intranet!

SharePoint is constantly evolving as an internal communication platform – new and improved features are released every week! Is your intranet already in need of a small facelift? Or do you feel that you’re not taking advantage of all the good stuff?

Come and find out which fresh and less-known features you should at least grab! In this demo-packed set, you’ll get a bunch of concrete suggestions for improvements that are easy to implement. Session themes include:
– tips for advanced content creation and visualization
– understanding your usage, improving search and keeping content up-to-date
– fostering relevancy, efficient multichannel publishing and interactivity

By the end of this session, you’ve seen 3*3 concrete technical tips of how to boost your modern SharePoint intranet. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to make your intranet more attractive, useful, and interactive for your users!

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