Build an AI Driven Self-Help Agent in Microsoft Teams with Power Virtual Agents

Your organization has the data and processes to help your workers get answers to the questions and requests. They want this on their own and on demand. Microsoft Copilot Studio, formally known as Power Virtual Agents, has brought the power of an on demand, AI driven bot to the masses, all within the flow of work, i.e. within Microsoft Teams. You can now create, test, and publish feature-rich, natural language enabled bots within Teams, managed within a collaborative administrative interface that does not require developers, nor infrastructure engineers.Join us and learn how to quickly and easily to create Teams driven bots using Microsoft Copilot Studio.

See how you can securely build, validate, and deploy bots using a centralized administrative interface that further help you maintain governance and compliancy.

Further, learn how to use embedded tools within Microsoft Copilot Studio to monitor KPI’s and uncover additional wins for your bots.

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