Building Microsoft Teams Custom Solutions

Microsoft Teams is not only one of the most productive collaboration platforms for the modern workplace. Microsoft Teams is also a platform for developing solutions. There are plenty of options to build business-level solutions on top of Microsoft Teams. In this workshop, you will learn what the extensibility models are, what tools you can use to build custom solutions on top of Microsoft Teams, and how to create such kind of solutions.

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to build business-level solutions to extend the out of the box experience of collaboration in Microsoft Teams.

The workshop targets developers, willing to learn how to extend Microsoft Teams to improve the productivity of users.

Top 3 Benefits of Attending this Virtual Tutorial:

  • Understand the challenges of building Microsoft Teams solutions
  • Learn how to design and develop extensions for Microsoft Teams
  • See what the patterns and tools are for building Microsoft Teams solutions

Date: Friday 28 May

Time: 10.00-16.30 CEST

Level: 200

Category: DEV

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