Building Solutions for Teams, SharePoint and Office with the SharePoint Framework

If you work at a desk, the chances are you spend most of your time in Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, Word, Excel, or some combination thereof. If you want to build solutions that people will actually use, you need to deliver them to users without them needing to switch context. In this talk we’ll look at how the SharePoint Framework can be used to extend all of the above products, on the desktop or online, or even on mobile applications.

We will use the power of modern, cross-platform intranet development technologies to enhance and customise the users’ collaboration experience in a way that will seem natural and seamless. And we’ll look at the way in which the Microsoft Graph is making it easier to take advantage of the Microsoft 365 platform to bring everything together.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Use the SharePoint Framework to extend SharePoint with web parts and extensions
  2. Use the SharePoint Framework to extend Microsoft Teams
  3. Use the SharePoint Framework to extend Microsoft Office


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