Dataverse Model-Driven Apps – 101

Dataverse have so many features that it can be hard to grasp if you are coming from another background, like SharePoint. I will take you through many of the features of model-driven apps and the upside and downside with each feature.

I will go through:

  • Datatypes like autonumber, calculated fields and rollup fields
  • Different kind of form types, when to use what
  • Sitemap design options and security related to that
  • Adding buttons to the command bar
  • Security roles, field level security, shared records compared to creating different model-driven apps
  • And much more!

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  • You’ll know how to build a qualitative model-driven app
  • You’ll know more about features that aren’t too obvious when starting out with MDA
  • You’ll be able to compare MDA to other options and make appropriate choices for your applications
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