What Every Developer Needs to Know to Work with Microsoft Azure (SOLD OUT)

Attendees, will learn the core skills about Microsoft Azure for Developers. We will check some of the main services for App Services, SQL Database, Azure AD and Storage. We will also check how to create CI/CD pipelines to deploy applications to Microsoft Azure.
Workshop topics will include:

Introduction to Microsoft Azure

  • Introduction
  • Subscription types
  • Azure Portal
  • ARM model
  • Resource Groups
  • ARM Templates
  • PowerShell and Bash in Microsoft Azure
  • Cloud Shell
    – Getting Started with Azure Storage
  • Introduction to Azure Storage
  • Standard and Premium Storage
  • Geo-replication
  • Azure Storage Blob service
    – Databases in Azure
  • Introduction to SQL Database
  • Creating a new database using the SQL Database service
  • SQL Database security
  • Elastic Pools
  • Managed Instances
  • SQL Server VMs vs Managed Instances vs SQL Database
  • Introduction to Cosmos DB
    – App Service
  • Introduction to the App Service
  • Web Apps features
  • Auto-scaling
  • App Service Environment
  • Introduction to Serveless with Azure Functions
    – Hosting global applications in PaSS Services
  • Azure CDN
  • Azure Traffic Manager
  • Geo-replication of SQL Databases
  • Service Endpoints
  • Azure Storage Queues and Service Bus Queues
  • Best Practices using the App Service
    – Azure Active Directory (AAD)
  • Introduction to AAD
  • Integrate your application with AAD
  • Integrate social networks with your AAD B2C directory
    – CI/CD in Microsoft Azure
  • Introduction to Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)
  • Creating a service endpoint for Azure in VSTS
  • Deploying your application to Azure from VSTS

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. Learn how to develop Applications with Microsoft Azure
  2. Understand how different Azure services can leverage your Applications
  3. Learn how to deploy Application to Microsoft Azure
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