Exploring the Future of Analytics with Microsoft Fabric

In today’s world, getting true data driven insights can take a lot of time and energy. Data is spread across a wide variety of storage systems, all of which can have different operating models, security models and integration requirements. Microsoft Fabric is an end-to-end analytics platform that brings together an organization’s data and analytics all in one place.

Utilizing the new OneLake storage platform, Fabric provides an opportunity to have a single copy of your data that you will be able to transform, report on, and visualize at blazingly fast speeds. With amazing new data integration functionality and bleeding-edge data capabilities native to the platform, Fabric is the best-in-class analytics suite that allows you to not only visualize your business data but also keep it secure and properly managed.

Come to this session to explore the exciting new announcements from Microsoft, understand exactly what they mean, and how they can help position your organization for the new age of AI.

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