From Data to Documents: How Microsoft Syntex Content Assembly Can Transform Your Business Processes

Microsoft Syntex is a big deal and now it’s not just processing of documents to identify and extract metadata. It’s bringing AI into your flow of work and there is so many productivity improvements that have recently been released or are coming soon. This session focuses on Syntex Content Assembly.

This feature allows business users using no-code from a SharePoint document library to automatically generate standard repetitive documents such as letters, contracts, checklists etc. The documents are populated from data held in SharePoint or manually entered data.

In this session we will go through what Syntex Content Assembly is, how it works and why it is important in your organisation.

I will focus on sharing real life customer stories from different industry sectors on how there are using Syntex to automate their document generation processes. Producing reports, proposals, invoices, manuals, glossaries etc using data obtained by Syntex models, Microsoft 365, other line of business systems and even other industry AI i.e. ChatGPT etc.

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