From strategy to action: Lead your Modern Work Journey with Viva Goals

Many IT, communication and HR leaders struggle with implementing new technology as a seamless part of the employee’s daily job. For example, how to adopt Microsoft Viva or utilise Teams better when new features and solutions are launched monthly? How to empower employees with modern tools when even the leaders don’t know where to focus?

In this session, I will share a customer-tested model of how organisations can create a Modern Work Roadmap to focus on what’s essential, align the goals with company strategy and provide a transparent path from daily tasks to results.

The focus is on creating a Modern Work roadmap by utilising service design methods and the OKR framework and transferring that plan to Viva Goals. Yes, there will be demos! This session is especially suitable for all of you who want to pilot Viva Goals but don’t know how to start. The method is easily adaptable for different use cases and teams.

– Whiteboard, Viva Goals, Teams

-OKR, Service Design

Session takeaways:
– Concrete tips on how to create a Modern Work roadmap
– A summary of the OKR framework
– Best practices of Viva Goals

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