Get the Most Out of your Web App with a Progressive Web App (PWA)

If you’re a modern developer (or want to be), you should check out Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). They explode the choice between native and web apps, offering you the best of both worlds.  In this session we’ll cover how PWAs can help you out, and give you some tips & tricks to building them.

PWA can be even faster than native apps and access Windows 10 APIs. They look like a native app and use the application shell model with minimal page refreshes.  Your users can discover PWAs in the Microsoft Store, find them through search, and share them with a link.

Unlike a “regular” web app, PWAs keep working with low connectivity or offline.  When your user jumps back online, they can update both PWAs and their content.  Install a PWA on the device’s desktop, start menu, or task bar.  You can promote re-engagement with features like push notifications, and get direct feedback through ratings and reviews.

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