[Inspire Stage] The AI Ethics Session Nobody Knew We Needed

馃搷 Inspire Stage, Expo

馃暐 30 Minute Session

Asking AI to generate an image for you, create content, answer questions? Very convenient, but oh-so-problematic. AI is not only borderline plagiarizing styles from human artists, who then don’t get recognized, but also highly biased as it reflects the oppressive systems (racism, imperialism, sexism, ableism…) we still live in. AI ethics are becoming more important than ever with the rise of AI-driven products like ChatGPT and Dall-E. The problem with these implementations is a great bias, coming from a lack of diverse datasets and non-transparent approaches in delivering outcomes. From facial recognition to chat-bots, bias can be found in any application ranging from very little to heavily biased.

During this session, Iona and Luise will discuss insights on creating transparency and driving away from skewness, data-narrowness and blindness. They will also walk you through how AI actually works, followed by a deep-dive into ethics and the problems we are facing now and in the future. This session provides you with lots of food for thought and enables you to make better-informed decisions about using and implementing AI in your applications.

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