Lean-Agile Development with SharePoint and Office 365 – A One-day Sprint!

It seems that Sprints are getting shorter, with one week becoming common, but one day? No, I am not suggesting that you make a practice of reducing your sprints to a single day. But for this one day workshop we are going to make an exception! That’s right, we’re going to start with a day’s worth of backlog. Our acceptance criteria? You end up with a wealth of knowledge and techniques ready to apply Agile and TDD to your SharePoint and Office 365 projects. This one day workshop will go into Lean-Agile and Test-Driven development in depth, and there’s a lot to cover. We’re going to have to stay focused on our deliverables – there’s no room for scope creep! And watch out for the management panda!

Benefits of attending this tutorial:

  1. Understand the true meaning of Lean and Agile as software delivery frameworks, and how this affects SharePoint and Office 365 development
  2. Learn how Visual Studio and TFS and other tools support the Agile delivery process
  3. Use Test-driven Development for full-trust and client-side code and the new SharePoint Framework
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