Making Sense of All that’s Included with Office 365

Office 365 has a lot to offer small to large organizations in terms of boosting productivity and unifying collaboration components. The question that always comes to mind of admins and end users alike is “When to use What?”

Good news: Office 365 is mature enough now that the answer exists! This session will focus on how you effectively utilize all of the Office 365 applications together within your organization and drive adoption as well as enthusiasm at the same time.

We will look at actual case scenarios of companies around the world that utilize and orchestrate all of Office 365 applications effectively. You will walk out of this session with a better understanding of how to organize the various components of Office 365 in your organization with a core focus on user adoption.

Benefits of Attending this Sessions:

  1. Seeing real world examples of an actual Office 365 implementation
  2. Understand the business value of Office 365 suite of applications
  3. Learn when to use what when it comes to various Office 365 apps
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