Microsoft Viva and Syntex Workshop

Learn about how Microsoft Viva and SharePoint Syntex can help your organisation improve their Employee Experience through greater engagement, supportive knowledge management and automated processes with AI. This is a full day workshop where we’ll take you through an overview of Employee Experience, what Viva is and how Syntex fits into the equation.

Then we get to play! The rest of the day will be hands on labs, where you will get to deploy some of the Viva / Syntex modules and see them in action.


  • What is Microsoft Viva and why does Employee Experience matter
  • Introduction to the Viva pillars
  • Hands-on Viva Connections Workshop
  • Hands-on Viva Topics Workshop
  • Hands-on SharePoint Syntex Workshop

Benefits of Attending this Tutorial

  1. Learn about employee experience
  2. Technical hands on experience of Microsoft Viva
  3. Technical hands on experience of SharePoint Syntex
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