Speed Wins: Unleashing DAX Efficiency for Rapid Power BI Reports and Streamlined Server Operations

Your Power BI tenant has many reports, but users complain about performance, and you don’t have a budget to increase capacity. Before paying a larger bill every month, you should consider the possible optimizations to reduce the server workload and improve response time.

DAX is the language used to create measures in the Power BI semantic model, and its complexity directly affects the query performance, like the data model and the report’s density. Finding the slow measures to optimize their implementation benefits end users (faster reports) and administrators (lower workload for the tenant capacity).

This session introduces the tools and techniques available to locate report bottlenecks and to isolate slow measures that should be optimized. Through several examples, you will see that common optimizations can improve the response time by one or two orders of magnitude and reduce resource consumption on the available capacity.

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