Unlimited Sherlock: Deep-Dive into Current Threats and Mitigations

Cyber-crime is booming as threat actors seek to exploit the increased online dependency and mass migration to remote working triggered by the global health pandemic. Malicious registrations, including malware and phishing, grew 569% from February to March 2020, while new samples of ransomware rose by 72% in the first half of 2020.

In this current climate of spoofed domains and cleverly faked emails, organizations are starting to wise up that by discovering how an attacker gained entry to a system, similar attacks can be prevented. Can moving some services to the cloud minimize the risk of breach?

During this session, you will receive ready-to-launch instructions about how to extract information in the operating system and monitoring solutions.

Become familiar with the current threats and mitigations in infrastructure security and leave this conference with suggestions & ideas on how to reach the next level of security in your workspaces.

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