Why a Public Cloud is Not the Place to Back Up Your Data

With Microsoft entering the backup space, you might be tempted to choose Microsoft for backup because it seems like a shortcut through the vendor jungle. That’s where everything else is, right? Tools, identities, security – and now, backup and recovery…
Not so fast, though. Fast forward to you losing access to Microsoft, being locked out of your applications, and being denied access to systems. And realizing that: Oops! Your data backup is stored in the same place as your actual data – in the Microsoft cloud. And learning the hard way that having everything in one place exposes you to risk.
In this session, we discuss how you use backup to make sure your users can keep on doing their jobs, regardless of what happens with your SaaS vendor.
What you take away from this session:
  • What your options to access your data are when your SaaS vendor fails you
  • How to guarantee data sovereignty and complete control of your data
  • What the most important objects and controls to protect are, to stay in charge of your infrastructure
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