How To Make Financial Forecasting Easy Using Power PPM

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How To Make Financial Forecasting Easy Using Power PPM

How To Make Financial Forecasting Easy Using Power PPM

Learn how you can make financial forecasting easy using Power PPM by watching this short ‘How-To’ video!

Today organizations are struggling to balance the agile way of working with staying in control of what’s happening. The “way of working” has become a competitive advantage forcing companies to align work management tools to the chosen processes. With Microsoft Power Platform, organisations have the freedom to, without code, design and create critical business applications. These business applications are used to help them modernise and streamline the work management experience.

This short ‘How-To’ video with Peter Kestenholz from Projectum, Denmark, will showcase how Power Apps, with added PCF components, can make financial forecasting easy.

What will you learn about financial forecasting in Power PPM from watching this How To video?

This short demo will show you how you can easily manage your project finances using the Power Platform, specifically Power PPM. Peter demonstrates how you can find out and manage the budget for a project by using an added PCF component, a wholly configurable grid for financial management all in dataverse. He will also take you through the cost breakdown structure of a project in Power PPM. This leads Peter onto demonstrating how to use Power PPM for budgeting, actuals, and forecasting. Version control is also discussed and how this is still done in dataverse and out of the box. Peter shows how you can create a complete copy of a finance plan, thus allowing you to see in charts over time how you have progressed and changed the budget.

Furthermore, Peter demonstrates how easy it is to write comments and manage asset financials. In addition, he also shows how you can create custom calculations in the view without having to go anywhere else with the added PCF component.

This How-To video is part of the webinar ‘Improving Project Portfolio Management Using the Power Platform’. You can view this webinar in full and for free here.

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