How To Configure Timesheets Using Power PPM

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How To Configure Timesheets Using Power PPM

How To Configure Timesheets Using Power PPM

Watch this ‘How-To’ video and learn how to configure timesheets using Power PPM.

Today, organizations are struggling to balance the agile way of working with staying in control of what’s happening. The “way of working” has become a competitive advantage forcing companies to align work management tools to the chosen processes. With Microsoft Power Platform, organisations have the freedom to, without code, design and create critical business applications. Organisations can use these business applications to help them modernise and streamline the work management experience.

This short ‘How-To’ video will showcase how Power Apps, with added PCF components, can make configuring time sheets easy.

What will you learn about configuring timesheets in Power PPM from watching this video?

In this how-to video, you will learn about embedding timesheets inside Power Apps. Peter also demonstrates how to configure timesheets and how they look and behave. He shows how you can work from Microsoft Teams or in the browser for the people who want to stay in Teams. Further, Peter also shows how to view tasks and project assignments as well as how to search and pin tasks. In addition, Peter also discusses and demos how to build approval flows and also, how to comment on cell level.

This How-To video is part of the webinar ‘Improving Project Portfolio Management Using the Power Platform’. You can view this webinar in full and for free here.


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