Managing Compliance Risk in SharePoint: A Step by Step Illustrated Guide

Effective compliance is the ability to not only have a governance strategy in place, but also be able to manage risk by identifying issues and potential violations, and have a process in place for resolution and fine tuning. This step-by-step illustrated guide lays out each step; from defining your compliance strategy, to implementing HiSoftware’s suite of solutions for identifying and managing compliance and security issues in SharePoint to help protect your organization.

Download Managing Compliance Risk in SharePoint: A Step by Step Illustrated Guide

Tips for Successful & Consistent Content Compliance

  • Ensure the content compliance strategy aligns with the organization’s overall strategy and is updated for changes to existing and new policies and laws.
  • Make sure the Governance framework is relevant and updated regularly.
  • Have key stakeholders review the strategy regularly.
  • lmplement a solution to continuously audit content, detect violations and enforce compliance policies to maintain data integrity and security, and employee and customer confidence.

Protect the Organization with Content-Aware Compliance & Security from HiSoftware to Automatically:

  • Scan and Audit content at rest or in motion to detect non-compliant data and violations.
  • Report on the compliance status of the site(s) and incidences, measure progress, and pinpoint issues for remediation with detailed reports and dashboards.
  • Classify data at the file level based on pre-defined policies or users can manually classify data using pre-defined values.
  • Restrict access to documents and set file permissions based on metadata.
  • Encrypt sensitive content automatically so only properly credentialed users will be able to read the content – whether inside or outside of SharePoint.
  • Prevent users from publishing, distributing, or emailing confidential and sensitive documents. Stop users from adding non-compliant content.
  • Control content using workflows to alert users to fix issues, get manager approvals and quarantine documents.
  • Track and monitor the movement of confidential and sensitive documents; including who views, prints, and emails the documents.

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Download Managing Compliance Risk in SharePoint: A Step by Step Illustrated Guide
Learn more about HiSoftware’s fully integrated, content-aware compliance and security solutions for SharePoint.

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